Academy Overview
The Broad Academy identifies transformational leaders with a proven track record of success and prepares them to lead large urban school districts, state departments of education and high-growth public charter systems.

Since its founding in 2002, The Broad Academy has gained significant insight into the leadership traits and approaches that are most likely to be successful in urban education. With the Academy’s guidance and support, our Fellows emerge as game-changing leaders who enable teachers to do great work, help close gaps in achievement and opportunity and drive us toward providing a world-class public education for all our students. The Academy remains the only national training organization of its kind that recruits proven leaders from both inside and outside of education.

Academy Graduates

More than 35 Academy alumni serve as district superintendents, four are state superintendents of education, three are CEOs of Charter Management Organizations and 21 are cabinet executives in school systems across the country. Our alumni also lead the second largest district in the country and newly-formed statewide systems focused on improving the lowest-performing schools.

Historical Impact

More Academy graduates have served as urban district superintendents than those of any other national training program. Over the past ten years, our graduates have held 96 superintendent roles and 124 senior executive positions in large urban school districts. Ten urban school districts have hired more than one superintendent that has participated in The Broad Academy.

Most importantly, 75 percent of Academy graduates serving superintendent posts for three years -- and 86 percent of graduates serving for four years -- are raising student achievement in their districts faster than comparison groups.

Transforming Urban Education in America

The Broad Academy is a primary initiative of The Broad Center for the Management of School Systems. The Broad Center is a nonprofit that seeks to raise student achievement by recruiting, training and supporting leadership talent from across America to transform urban school systems. Learn more about The Broad Center by clicking here.