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John Covington

John Covington
Education Achievement Authority, Mich.

When the status of our nation, relative to measurable student academic achievement, is compared to other industrialized nations, the results are both staggering and frightening. The educational stewardship of the nation’s youth rests on the shoulders of public school superintendents. Their success and the success of their districts may very well determine the future of our economy and the freedoms we all enjoy and take for granted. In this regard, I am driven to make a meaningful contribution to improve public education as an urban superintendent.

Pre-Academy Role: Superintendent, Pueblo School District 60, Colo.
Post-Academy Role: Superintendent, Kansas City, Missouri School District

In August 2011, John Covington was appointed as the first chancellor of the Education Achievement Authority, a new system charged with turning around low-performing schools in the state of Michigan. Prior to this role, Covington was superintendent of Kansas City Public Schools, which serves nearly 18,000 Missouri students.

Previously, Covington served as superintendent of Pueblo School District 60 in Colorado. The Pueblo district—with a minority population of 66 percent and 64 percent of its students eligible for free or reduced price lunch—has been nationally recognized for closing the achievement gap. Prior to leading the Pueblo district, Covington served as superintendent of Lowndes County Public Schools in Montgomery, Alabama for six years. At the end of Covington’s tenure, every school in the district was deemed by the state of Alabama to have made Annual Yearly Progress under federal law.

Before that role, Covington served as executive assistant to the superintendent and as assistant superintendent for student support and community services for the Montgomery district. He also served in numerous capacities in Macon County, Troy City and Eufaula City Public Schools in Alabama. Covington was named as a distinguished alumnus by Alabama State University, was a Japan Fulbright Scholar and received the National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education Award in 2007.