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John White

John White
State Superintendent of Education
State of Louisiana

Excellent preparation for adult life is not just an issue of individual civil rights; it is an imperative for our nation's future. In an increasingly competitive world, making this promise to every child and every family means that schools and school systems have to be performance organizations, with the capabilities we would expect of any other organization on whose shoulders rest our security and our aspirations. In order to achieve this, adults will have to change, and leaders will have to lead that change.

Pre-Academy Role: Deputy Chancellor, Strategy, New York City Department of Education
Post-Academy Role: Superintendent, Recovery School District, La.

In January 2012, John White was appointed State Superintendent of Education for the State of Louisiana. Prior to this role, he served as Superintendent of the Recovery School District of Louisiana.

White previously served as the deputy chancellor for talent, labor and innovation at the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE). He was responsible for human capital development, management of the school portfolio and management of the Innovation Zone, a network of schools piloting industry-changing products. Before that role, White served as CEO in the office of portfolio development for NYCDOE, where he was responsible for developing new schools, closing failing schools and adjusting grade levels, enrollments and locations of existing schools. White also served as Deputy COO for NYCDOE.

Prior to joining NYCDOE, White served as executive director for Teach For America Chicago and Teach For America New Jersey and served on the organization's national Strategy Committee.