Day in the Life

Excellence and Equity

Our Broad Residents make a difference each and every day in the schools and communities they serve. Check out a few featured Day in the Life personal journals, and peruse the latest news, from Broad Residents working across the nation and get a first-hand account of efforts to expand educational excellence and equity for all students and families.

Alantria Harris

School District

Alantria Harris (TBR 2013-2015) was public engagement director at Fulton County Schools in Georgia, where she helped connect the district and the community.

Ashley McGrath

School District

Ashley McGrath is a current Broad Resident. She works as the Senior Manager, Strategic Initiatives at Camden City School District.

Babatunde Ilori

School District

Babatunde Ilori (TBR 2012-2014) was the director of equity and access at Fresno Unified School District and created supports for their most vulnerable students.

Bonnie Dilber

Public Charter School Network

Bonnie Dilber (TBR 2015-2017) is vice president of human assets at IDEA Public Schools, the largest charter network in Texas making “college for all” a reality.

Christina Jordan

Public Charter School Network

Christina Jordan (TBR 2012-2014) was director of human resources for Success Academy Charter Schools, the highest-performing charter network in New York City.

Coy Nesbitt

School District

As director of talent initiatives, Coy Nesbitt (TBR 2016-2018) helps Tulsa Public Schools hire and retain strong professionals who are driven to serve students.

Damon Vaughan

Public Charter School Network

Damon Vaughan (The Broad Residency 2016-2018) was director of marketing and communications with KIPP San Antonio.

Deneice McClary

School District

Deneice McClary (TBR 2014-2016) was personalized learning manager at Chicago Public Schools, where she created learning environments to meet individual needs.

Derek Little

State Education Agency

Derek Little (TBR 2014-2016) was deputy director of early childhood education for the Louisiana Department of Education supporting the state’s youngest learners

Dynasti Hunt

Public Charter School Network

Dynasti Hunt (TBR 2014-2016) was senior director of human resources at Rocketship Education, a network rethinking elementary schools from the ground up.

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