Resident Roles

Resident Roles

Broad Residents apply management experience developed in the public and private sectors to strengthen urban public schools and help change the trajectory of young lives.

During the two years in The Broad Residency, Residents gain valuable experience within urban school districts, public charter school networks and state education agencies. They bring their skills and experiences to add value to their organizations, putting conditions in place that allow good teachers to do great work and ensure that students of all backgrounds have the opportunity to learn and thrive. During the Residency, their projects focus on one or more of the following:

  • Ensuring that adequate funding and resources reach the classroom through efficient operations
  • Empowering teachers with the tools and support that they need to meet the needs of every child
  • Engaging with and collaborating with the community
  • Creating data driven systems that enable the entire organization to continuously improve

Read the Day in the Life Journals of current Residents to learn more about their work.

Upon completion of the program, Residents will:  

  • Understand and respect the work, perspective and experiences of those working in schools
  • Understand how urban school systems work and can be improved
  • Apply management and leadership skills to execute high-impact change initiatives
  • Become part of a thriving network of leaders in public education
  • Leverage their knowledge, experiences and network to continue on your career path in urban public education

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Residents’ projects vary depending on the organization, its structure, its focus on improvement efforts and its strategic plan. In general, the work follows a cycle in which the first few months are used to learn the landscape and improve processes. For the remainder of the first year, and into the second year, Residents immerse themselves in one or several projects focused on a particular area. During the second year, Residents generally begin the process of transitioning into a permanent role best suited for them.


 First Year

 Getting up to Speed  
 0-3 months

  • Understand the environment
  • Establish credibility
  • Explore stakeholders’ points of view
  • Build relationships with supervisors and colleagues

 Immerse Yourself  
 4-12 months 

  • Transition from support to leadership/management responsibilities
  • Increase impact of projects
  • Navigate the system
  • Expand internal relationships

 Second Year

 Tackling the Challenge 
 12-18 months

  • Assume a leadership preparation role leading a high-priority initiative
  • Dedicate 50 percent of time to one project
  • Expand relationships with senior leaders
  • Build leadership development skills

 Prepare for Leadership Position
 18-24 months

  • Address remaining areas of knowledge, leadership skills, experiences and relationships needed to take on a director-level role


Sample Resident projects



Working in finance promises engaging, challenging work that is vital to every student’s success. These roles often present opportunities to create and implement processes and systems for budgeting and purchasing. Check out a few sample project summaries here.


Information technology

Education organizations deal with loads of data, from attendance records to grant applications and everything in between. Keeping it all straight and helping stakeholders have access to the information they need is central to these positions. Residents working on information technology may have the opportunity to create data infrastructure and establish protocols based on best practices to help their organization work more efficiently and grow. See brief descriptions of some of those roles here.



Working in operations promises fast-paced, demanding work as well as an opportunity to help develop and execute plans to shape an organization’s future. Running a school operating organization involves complex, multi-departmental, multi-functional work. View sample Resident projects here.


Project management

Some school systems hire Broad Residents to implement cross-functional initiatives. Often, these projects — usually three or four months in length — are the highest priority initiatives in the district, offering exciting opportunities to support system-wide efforts and work directly with members of the leadership team.



Day-to-day operations in a school district, charter school network or state education agency can easily take center stage, but equally important are leaders within each organization who can look ahead and develop strategic plans. Residents working in strategy teams use their expertise to assess their organization’s needs in particular areas, determine possible solutions, recommend and design a plan of action and oversee implementation. Take a look at some of their recent projects.



Strong teachers and administrators are critical for students to excel. Hiring, developing and retaining great people who work in education is necessary to achieve impact for students. Take a look at some recent human capital projects handled by Broad Residents.



The Broad Residency is a unique opportunity for you to immediately impact the education of America’s students. Submit your resume today.