Candidate Matching Process

Candidate Matching Process

The Broad Residency matches a candidate’s skills and preferences with an organization’s culture and needs.
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    Indicate Flexibility

    At the resume submission, candidates indicate their geographic flexibility. Candidates will have the opportunity to update their geographic preferences throughout the process.

  • 2

    Provide Initial Geographic Preferences

    When an application is submitted, candidates provide initial geographic preferences based on a list of projected partner regions. Once the Residency team confirms the final set of partner organizations, candidates remaining in the process will have an opportunity to rank their preferences.

  • 3

    Discuss Initial Geographic Preferences

    During first-round interviews, candidates will discuss initial geographic preferences with their interviewers. 


  • 4

    Learn about Partner Organizations and Opportunities

    Candidates who advance from the second round in December will follow one of two paths:

    • The Residency team will help candidates actively seeking new roles identify interview opportunities before organizational interviews begin.
    • Candidates who can wait to transition into their new roles will begin interviewing with partner organizations in April.

    Candidates who advance beyond the second round in January, February and March will interview with partner organizations in April.

    All candidates who advance beyond second-round interviews will receive detailed information about available roles.

  • 5

    Partner Organization Matching and Interviews

    The Broad Residency works with each candidate to determine the organization/s where s/he will have final interviews. Unless the candidate is seeking to transition immediately, these interviews begin in April.

    Final interviews are conducted by the partner organizations, which make the ultimate hiring decisions. Joining the Residency is contingent upon receiving and accepting a job offer from a partner organization. 

  • 6

    The Broad Residency Begins

    The hiring organization determines the start date for the new hire.

    The Broad Residency's mandatory orientation session takes place in July. Resident supervisors attend orientation.

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