Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria

Rigorous requirements ensure our Residents can make a meaningful and long-lasting impact.




Advanced degree, such as a master’s, J.D., Ph.D.

Many education organizations have difficulty attracting candidates with advanced degrees. These individuals have the transferable and relevant experience and education necessary to make an impact.


Minimum of four years of full-time work experience (internships not included)

On average, Residents have eight years of work experience, ranging from four to 19 years.

Organizations partner with The Broad Residency specifically to find early- to mid-career talent to step into emerging leadership roles. As a result, the leadership development offered is designed for early- to mid-career professionals. 

At least two years of the candidate's work experience must be in one or more functional areas, such as finance, operations, strategy, information technology or human resources. We also value candidates with experience as generalists and project managers.

These individuals can bring best practices into an industry that historically has been slow to adopt practices that improve operations. 

*Criteria differs for candidates already working in education organizations.

Additional Criteria

  • Track record of strong leadership and/or management
  • Ability to manage complex political relationships and work well with a diverse set of communities, management styles and personalities
  • High levels of energy, determination and perseverance to act as an agent of change
  • Superb analytical, problem-solving and project-management skills
  • Outstanding oral and written communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to learn quickly
  • Passion for improving urban public education and a long-term commitment to the K-12 public education sector


Candidates Currently Working in an Education Organization

A major focus of The Broad Residency’s professional development is to help participants transition into their new roles during the critical early period of a career shift. Therefore, candidates currently working in a district, public charter school systems or federal or state departments of education can apply only if they have been in their organization for fewer than three years by the time they join the program. Candidates for the 2018-2020 class cannot have been employed by their organization prior to July 2015.         

These candidates, if accepted, are Associate Residents. They are held to the same standards and receive the same support, training and resources as other Broad Residents. Because these candidates enter the program in pre-existing positions, The Broad Residency plays no role in supporting their salaries.

Additional eligibility criteria for Associate Residents can be found here.


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