Selection Process

Selection Process

The selection process is highly competitive and differs from traditional hiring processes. More than 1,700 people applied to The Broad Residency in 2015.

2015-2016 Selection Process Details and Timeline

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    STEP 1: Submit Resume Online

    Applicants submit resumes online beginning September 1, 2015. We accept and review resumes on a rolling basis through January 22, 2016. Applicants are encouraged to submit far in advance of the final deadline. Selected candidates advance to the application stage.

    Submit Resume

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    STEP 2: Submit an Application

    The application consists of employment history, an essay question and a recorded video response that provide more details about the candidate's interest and skill set. Once a candidate receives an invitation to apply, the application is due and reviewed on a rolling basis. Applications are typically due within four weeks. Selected candidates are advanced to the 1st Round Interview.

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    STEP 3: 1st Round Interview

    Candidates advanced to the 1st Round will take part in a phone interview. Selected 1st Round candidates will advance to the 2nd Round Interview.

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    STEP 4: 2nd Round Interview

    Candidates attend one full day of interviews with The Broad Residency staff and alumni. The day includes panel interviews and group activities to assess skills and aptitude for management and leadership in K-12 public education. Candidates will also confirm geographic preferences and meet current Residents. The Broad Residency provides all travel and lodging.

    Candidates will interview on a selected weekend date (Friday or Saturday):

    January 22-23, 2016 (Los Angeles)
    February 12-13, 2016 (Los Angeles)
    March 4-5, 2016 (Dallas)

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    STEP 5: Final Interview

    The final interview is conducted by the hiring organization. This is an opportunity for candidates to meet with the organization to mutually assess fit. These interviews occur in April and May 2016 and the organization makes the final hiring decision.

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    STEP 6: Begin The Broad Residency

    In July, Broad Residents gather for the mandatory Orientation session to meet and network with their Residency cohort. The hiring organization determines exact start dates, likely in July or August 2016.


The Broad Residency is a unique opportunity for you to immediately impact the education of America’s students. Submit your resume today.