Elliot Smalley

Elliot Smalley
The Broad Residency Class of 2009-2011

Current Organization: South Carolina Public Charter School District, Superintendent
Residency Organization: Charleston County School District, Deputy of Strategic Planning & Communications
Pre-Residency: U.S. Department of Education
M.S., University of Cincinnati
B.A., University of Massachusetts

“I grew up witnessing education inequities all across the South, and now I wake up every day with a sense of urgency around closing the achievement gap. I think we’re at an opportune time in public education. We are beginning to learn what really works, but the task of moving entrenched bureaucracies to adopt proven strategies, innovate, and gauge success based on student results—versus adult accomplishments or levels of activity—is Herculean. I believe that if we’re going to fix public education on a grand scale, we have to start with an unshakeable belief in the limitless potential of every child. We must also recognize that it is our responsibility to ensure that all students reach their potential. On top of this sort of ‘cultural baseline,’ we need the “know how”—the proven strategies, approaches and techniques that turn beliefs into results in the classroom. This is why I’m so excited to be part of the Broad Urban Residency, which gives new urban educators the tools they need to effect change in their districts and beyond. I look forward to joining a group of like-minded, committed professionals that I can learn from as we work to translate Broad’s offerings into the meaningful and positive change that students deserve.”