Our Mission

We work toward the day when American public education has been transformed into an engine of excellence and equity — so every student graduates ready for college, careers and life.

Happy children smile into the camera.

To make that vision a reality — across entire cities and states, not just at individual schools — we need more than great teachers and principals. It also takes extraordinary people serving in the management and leadership roles in those school systems to ensure that every school, every classroom and every child gets what they need to be successful.

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At The Broad Center, we identify, develop and support people who are inspired to work inside the system, in partnership with students, families and communities to help them open the doors to opportunity and bring their vision for educational excellence to life.

Through our highly selective professional development programs, The Broad Academy and The Broad Residency in Urban Education, we are growing a diverse network of leaders and managers working in school systems across the nation — people who have the skills, knowledge and dedication necessary to ensure every student’s needs are met… so that every family’s dream for their child can be achieved.

Our Beliefs

We are driven to do this work because every child, everywhere, is worthy of a public education that prepares her for a future of limitless possibilities. Our programs and our work are built around the following beliefs.

A student raises his hand in class

  • Public education is the foundation of a just and thriving society. Education unlocks opportunity and economic freedom, and it empowers our youth to reach their full potential. Strong, productive schools promote strong, productive communities that are better able to overcome challenges and shape their future.
  • Every young person deserves a well-rounded, high-quality education. Access to great public schools is a basic right, not a privilege.
  • All students can succeed. Young people from every background and community can graduate high school with the tools necessary for them to realize their dreams — in college, in careers and in life. We know that when they are taught to high levels, all youth can achieve at high levels. It’s our responsibility to organize public school systems to expect nothing less and provide the supports that give every student that chance.
  • Excellent public education is rooted in equity. We have a moral obligation to deliver equal opportunities to every child who enters the doors of our public schools, regardless of ZIP code or circumstance. Successful school systems are structured to meet the needs of all young people — particularly low-income students, students of color, students with disabilities and English language learners — and help them to soar academically.Supt Kang at Playtime
  • Leadership is critical to building and sustaining successful school systems that work for all students and treat everyone with dignity and respect. Strong servant leaders work from the bottom up and from the outside in, inspiring others to act on behalf of all young people, particularly those with the greatest needs. These leaders know there is no single set of solutions that works for every system. So they orient their organizations to listen to and learn from those they seek to help, dismantling barriers to equality and creating healthy working and learning environments for educators and students.