The Broad Center granted accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges

LOS ANGELES (March 30, 2015) — The Broad Center for the Management of School Systems has been granted Initial Accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges’ Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities.

Graduates of the prestigious Broad Residency in Urban Education — a two-year management development program for talented executives seeking to make a career switch into the top levels of K-12 urban public education systems — earn a Master of Education in Educational Leadership.

WASC is one of six regional associations that accredit public and private schools, colleges and universities in the United States. The WASC Senior College and University Commission is responsible for evaluating the quality and effectiveness of higher-education institutions in California, Hawaii, Guam and the Pacific Basin.

The report presented to the Commission by the WASC Educational Effectiveness Review Team commended The Broad Residency for “a very rich data-driven program of unusual depth,” “reflecting a pervasive spirit of inquiry and a commitment to continuous improvement” and for being “painstaking and comprehensive in its assessment of its programs, residents’ learning and satisfaction during the residency period, and through the residents’ career preparation.”

“The Commission is impressed with the Broad Residency’s high program quality,” said Mary Ellen Petrisko, president of the WASC Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges and Universities, in the letter to The Broad Center conveying its Initial Accreditation, which has been granted for five years. “The team found that Residents are ‘challenged, and are succeeding academically and professionally’ as a result.”

Initial Accreditation requires a rigorous, research-based review process to ensure the degree-granting institution offers high-quality learning opportunities and a clear vision for continual improvement. According to WASC Senior College and University Commission vice president Richard Osborn, the Initial Accreditation process of The Broad Center is one of the fastest the Commission has witnessed for an institution that was not created with the intention of awarding advanced degrees or becoming accredited.

“We are honored and humbled by this recognition of our commitment to high-quality education and professional development,” said Chaka Booker, managing director of The Broad Residency. “Initial Accreditation is a testament to the dedication of our faculty and staff as well as the hundreds of Residents and program alumni across the nation who are working tirelessly to ensure that every child has the opportunity to receive a world-class education.”

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