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At the heart of The Broad Center’s mission is our belief in people. We believe in the innate abilities of all students to achieve their dreams and all communities to flourish.

We believe in the educators, administrators and leaders who serve them, tirelessly driving excellence, equity and opportunity in the areas of public education that need them most.

And we believe in the diverse group of people who come together, every day, to support the hundreds of outstanding professionals in our network. We know that collective capacity produces something far greater than anything we could do alone.

Eleisha Nelson-Reed

Our Professional Values

We are committed to equity and excellence, both in our daily work and in the impact our work has on urban public education. Values like drive, innovation and collaboration are always on our mind as we work to drive true change for students in urban public schools.

Candid of Rasheeda Washington

Commitment to Diversity

Diversity, equity and inclusion — in our programs, with our partners and within our organization — leads to stronger results. We represent a wide variety of backgrounds, viewpoints and experiences but have common purpose and shared values.

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