Albert Kim

Program Director

Albert Kim’s experience attending public schools has had a profound impact on his personal and professional life. In middle school, he remembers swapping yearbooks with one of his best friends who attended a different school close by. He immediately noticed the difference. His friend’s yearbook was thicker, had a padded cover, was filled with colorful pictures and highlighted what felt like a thousand clubs and extracurricular activities. He recalls feeling jealous at first, then angry, but mostly confused. How could his friend’s school be so different? This and many similar experiences afterward would plant the seeds for what would become Albert’s commitment and drive to advance educational equity in communities like his own.

As the program director for The Broad Residency, Albert is responsible for the strategy and execution of the learning experiences that develop future K-12 leaders, ensuring they have the skills and mindsets necessary to lead effectively and equitably.

Albert previously served as deputy director of operations and program expansion for Ramapo for Children in New York City, which is dedicated to keeping young people from being relegated to the margins because of challenging behaviors or cognitive disabilities. Prior to this, he served as managing director of program design for iMentor, director of education for YouthBuild USA, education director for the South Boston Boys & Girls Club and teen education coordinator for the West End House Boys & Girls Club.

Albert holds a bachelor of arts and a master of arts in philosophy from Boston College and a masters of education in education leadership from Boston University with a graduate certificate in program planning, management, monitoring and evaluation. He is also a proud graduate of Los Angeles Unified School District.

More about Albert

What is your superpower?

I do not get stressed at work. It’s not something I remember ever working intentionally on so I can’t claim credit for it as something I’ve developed. Crazy hours, large workload, the unexpected, failures … I take it all in stride and keep it moving.

How do you spend your free time?

I most enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I also love playing and watching sports, specifically basketball. Though in recent years, I’ve done a lot more watching than playing.