Andrea Foggy-Paxton

Managing director

Andrea Foggy-Paxton has devoted her career to improving opportunities for all young people. Having attended three different high schools as a teenager, she learned first-hand how different expectations for students could be — from one classroom to another and from one school to another — and the lasting effect that can have on students.

Andrea Foggy Paxton.student photo

One of her earliest jobs was as national field director for Rock the Vote, where she helped develop the organization’s first phone- and web-based voter registration initiative. As a program officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, she developed and managed initiatives to support teacher development and create a community of practice among educators. Andrea was able to invest in many kinds of organizations from big-city school districts to the U.S. Department of Education to the Public Broadcasting System, to support innovative practices in K-12 education. This vast and varied experience helps Andrea see both the immediate and long-term impact a person can have on a school system and the community it serves.

At The Broad Center, Andrea leads the Partner Strategy team providing support to both school systems and other key organizational partners. She also serves as the leader of the Alumni and Network Impact team; alumni of The Broad Center programs benefit greatly from Andrea’s knowledge of the education landscape as they figure out how best to serve their own communities of educators, students and their families.


More about Andrea

What are people often surprised to learn about you?

People are surprised to hear that I had pet chickens and a goat while growing up in San Francisco.

What activities were you involved in when you were in school?

If there was an activity, I was involved: tennis, badminton, yearbook, Black Student Union, service societies, peer counseling, California Scholarship Federation, blood drive committee, senior jinx committee, Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement, Upward Bound and the San Francisco mayor’s Driving Under the Influence project.

What others say about Andrea:

“Andrea makes the office feel like home! She is always willing to share resources and offer thought partnership in ways that strengthen our work, increase our collective capacity and demystify the processes beneath our systems.”

“I know she has a lot on her plate. But she is always willing to stop and work with me on ways to leverage the work she is doing.”

Articles by Andrea

Autism awareness: Learning together, The Broad Center Blog, April 27, 2018

From the pediatricians who are trained in understanding developmental delays and make referrals for services, to the speech therapists, to the child care providers and schools – the partnership between all of these entities is key to helping our students with autism. As school districts work with community members and programs to make sure every child is prepared for a productive life, read Andrea Foggy-Paxton’s blog post as she talks about how critical coordinating services for early intervention truly is. Read more.