Archana Patel

Archana Patel

Senior Director

Archana Patel believes that school systems are, at their core, fundamental vehicles for equity and justice. She also believes that to enable school communities to thrive, the leaders behind them must be unequivocally focused on excellence for all students. As a former teacher and principal herself, Archana knows the profound impact effective leadership can have on a school and its students, which is what drives her work to build and develop educational leaders.

Her middle school teaching career took her from the Bronx to Newark, New Jersey and eventually to Los Angeles. She made a pit stop in India along the way, serving as the co-founder and project manager of what became Teach For India. This experience combined with her time as a turnaround school principal at KIPP Academy of Opportunity in Los Angeles gave her a unique perspective on the value of developing leaders throughout the system in service of all kids.

At The Broad Center, Archana leads The Broad Academy’s program team, which designs and executes the executive leadership program with the goal of accelerating the impact trajectories of current and aspiring senior leaders in our nation’s largest urban school systems. From in-session planning to high-impact coaching, she is committed to holding space for fellows to reflect, grow, and learn from and with one another while celebrating the incredibly challenging and important work they do.

She has had a range of interim stops along her path to The Broad Center, including serving as the associate director of talent at KIPP LA, a research assistant at the USC Center on Educational Governance and a human capital summer associate at Deloitte. She earned a bachelor degrees in English and philosophy from Boston College, a master’s degree in teaching from Fordham University and a master of public policy from the Sol Price School of Public Policy at the University of Southern California.

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Do you volunteer in the community? 

Outside of The Broad Center, I am an adult literacy tutor through the Los Angeles Public Library. I work with adults who are functionally illiterate to become better readers and meaningfully improve their everyday lives. This could be anything from passing their driver’s test to getting new jobs to being able to pick out and read books to their grandkids.

What activities were you involved in at school?

In school I was involved in the school newspaper, yearbook, student council, and theater.

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