Brian Lin

Brian Lin

Deputy director, program

Brian Lin believes every student should have access to great educators like his eighth-grade geometry teacher, Ms. Anduss. She not only helped the Oklahoma native discover his aptitude for math, she also instilled confidence in him in unprecedented ways and showed Brian the importance of teachers believing their students can succeed.

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The empowerment that Brian experienced with Ms. Anduss is part of what has driven his career in public service. He has worked for a community-based nonprofit that provided tutoring, mentoring, a food pantry, computer training, health insurance, and other services to low-income neighborhoods. He also has worked at the Los Angeles Unified School District, where he coordinated operations for the Charter Schools Division. In addition, Brian was director of graduate admissions for the University of Southern California’s Viterbi School of Engineering. A 2014 graduate of The Broad Residency in Urban Education, Brian now designs and leads professional development for public education leaders currently in the Residency.

In his spare time, Brian stays involved with his alma mater, USC, through community service projects and alumni events, a product of the loyalty infused into the core of his being after earning three degrees there. He also avidly supports the Harmony Project, which provides music instruction and instruments to low-income students, has served on their junior board, and occasionally sneaks in to play a set of Dr. Dre or The Roots with their Hip Hop Orchestra.

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What made you decide to work in public education?

I work in public education because I cannot accept that children in this country should have less opportunity for an education thanks to circumstances beyond their control.  We have a public duty to provide safe, nurturing learning environments that allow all children the opportunity to succeed. 

What is your superpower?

My superpower is spotting celebrities in the wild. 

What others say about Brian:

“Somewhere between High Expectations and Continuous Improvement is a place called Resilience, and that is where Brian lives.”

“I’ve been impressed by how he has been able to translate his experience as a Resident and Alumnus into being a guide for the newest Residents.”

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