Christian Bradley

Operations associate

Christian Bradley experienced both the positive and the negative circumstances of education. He encountered teachers who taught in the standard lecture style, not having the right tools or skills to accommodate to different learning styles. But he also had a teacher who understood that different instructional styles, personalities and relationships were needed to engage and connect students to the learning.

From this first-hand experience, Christian knew he wanted to make an impact in education for students like him — those who may learn differently than others — to know that their differences are strengths, not weaknesses.

At The Broad Center, Christian is an operations associate on The Broad Residency program team, bringing his vast knowledge of data management and analysis to the team.

Previously, Christian was a recruiter with a global recruiting and staffing agency where he sourced, screened and selected candidates and identified root causes of issues to provide long-term solutions. He’s also served as a human resource intern, sales coordinator and business service intern for various organizations.