Erik Fried

Erik Fried

Senior director, partnerships

Erik Fried is a match-maker of sorts. Leading The Broad Residency’s partnerships team, which develops and maintains relationships with the school systems where current and future Residents serve, part of his role is to research and evaluate organizations that will provide valuable learning and impact opportunities.  This is something he takes special pride in as he then identifies the talent needs and matches Residents to interview and ultimately work with organizations doing innovative work to improve student outcomes.

Erik Fried Student

After the entire Residency staff matches all their candidates to interview with TBC’s partners, the work does not stop there; Erik and his team continue to work to provide support to both Residents and the organizations that hire them. Continuously improving the process, Erik also ensures he and his team are keeping pace with the Residency’s tremendous growth year over year.

Before joining The Broad Center, Erik worked for Green Dot Public Schools in Los Angeles and The Broad Foundation.

Erik’s favorite thing about working for The Broad Center: “Teammates who are talented, committed, and funny. This is an organization that is always working to get better — in the ways we serve our partners and network members, and in the ways we accomplish our work internally.”

More about Erik

What are people often surprised to learn about you?

One surprising fact about myself is that I have appeared on two game shows.

What made you decide to work in public education?

I decided to work in public education because I want every kid to have access to a great school. The fact that access to a high performing school currently breaks along lines of race and socioeconomic status, is totally unacceptable. The current state is unjust and I want to help change it.

What others say about Erik:

“I appreciate Erik’s eagerness to contribute to org-wide initiatives given the bold goals he has for his own team — helping TBR to double their impact means a big lift for the partnerships team! BIG thanks to Erik for always pushing for better results for the Residency AND The Broad Center!”

“Erik’s support and focus on collaboration has been a great value to me and my work!”