Erin Keller

Senior director

Erin Keller’s favorite teacher, Ms. Markenson, made a lasting impression on her as she challenged her students and helped them grow, all while making them feel understood. Following in Ms. Markenson’s footsteps, Erin became a high school teacher creating her own connections with her students and supporting them in their transition to college, adulthood and beyond.

Erin Keller Student

Erin continued to dedicate her career to education as senior director of recruitment and selection for The Broad Residency. Every day, she worked to improve the level of attention, service and care given to each candidate during the selection process. The ultimate goal of the Residency is to match dynamic leaders with roles in public education where they can create the environments necessary for teachers to do their best work so they can, in turn, connect with and support their students. Most recently, Erin was selected to be a leader on the Launch Team, responsible for the transition of The Broad Center in Los Angeles to The Broad Center at Yale SOM.

Between teaching and joining The Broad Center, Erin worked with City Year in Los Angeles, where she developed partnerships with schools across the city and coached 200 school-based corps members to deliver data-informed tutoring interventions.

In addition to her work to improve public education on a national scale, Erin serves as a board member of New Heights Charter School in Los Angeles. The school, which serves students in grades K-8, balances academic rigor with a nurturing school culture so students develop socially and emotionally as they learn.

More about Erin

What advice would you give your younger self?

The advice I would give my younger self is don’t take yourself so seriously and don’t drop out of trigonometry.

How do you like to spend your free time?

In my free time I enjoy being out and about with my twin toddlers, my husband and our dog.

What others say about Erin:

“While she supports us to get the results we need, she makes time to foster a community within our team, ensuring we build authentic relationships and appreciate the diversity of perspectives we bring to the table.”

“Not only does she provide the necessary training we need to execute our roles, but she is right there with us leading by example.”

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