Eulogio Gallo

Assistant Director, Information Systems

Whenever Eulogio thinks about the people who have had the most positive impact on his life, they are all teachers. Eulogio was an award-winning science and engineering student in high school who was a member of the county champion Academic Decathlon team. But growing up, he didn’t have access to many resources or knowledge of the college application process.

Young Eulogio wearing a medal

Without teachers who were invested in his success, Eulogio believes he would not have attended a four-year college, let alone one of the nation’s top public universities. Thanks to the support of those educators and opportunities he gained through the UCLA Center for Excellence in Engineering and Diversity, he is a first-generation college graduate with a computer science degree from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Eulogio began his career as a programmer for an online sporting goods retailer, moving on to work as a network operations center technician, providing support and managing co-located servers. He also was a Salesforce developer for a cloud-based technologies provider, creating software tools to meet the needs of a range of small businesses, from high school baseball scouts to insurance providers.

Now in his role as assistant director of information systems, Eulogio is the organization’s technology guru, creating and maintaining the online applications and platforms used by The Broad Center team and network members alike.

As Eulogio puts it, it is not often that a programmer can say their work makes a positive impact on people’s lives. That — and Bagel Fridays! — is why he feels particularly privileged to work with a dedicated team supporting hundreds of education leaders who are making a difference for young people like him.


More About Eulogio

What is your superpower?
I have the uncanny ability to laugh at my own jokes as if I’ve never heard them before.

What are people often surprised to learn about you?
I am a Southern Californian who doesn’t have a driver’s license.

What others say about Eulogio:
“From things like Salesforce Study Halls and brown-bag lunches to support team learning to Monday morning conversations reviewing (and lamenting) the outcomes of Sunday’s football games, Eulogio contributes to our work and our culture.”

“He’s thoughtful in collaborating across all teams and is earnestly excited to solve tricky tech problems or improve an existing tool or system.

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