Hanifa Farooq

Deputy director, recruitment and selection 

Making the switch from the private sector to public education allowed Hanifa Farooq to fulfill her passion for service with her day-to-day work. As deputy director of recruitment and selection, Hanifa meets hundreds of individuals considering making the same switch. When she talks with potential Residency candidates, she can provide useful insight as they go through the application process and search for roles where they can make the best use of their skills and experience.

Hanifa Farooq Student

Her call to service started early on as she started volunteering in schools when she was a freshman in high school. She continued volunteering during college and post-graduation, working with an organization called Reading to Kids that promotes literacy in schools in Los Angeles.

As she began her professional career in finance and accounting, she incorporated her desire to serve into her work by spearheading her company’s charitable efforts, connecting employees with local organizations in need of volunteers.

Hanifa quickly realized she wanted to work directly in schools to help students joining Teach For America as a sixth-grade English language arts and social studies teacher. Expanding her service to education, she then became a curriculum specialist for the inaugural corps of Teach for Pakistan.

From there she worked to recruit teachers in Brooklyn before returning to her hometown of Los Angeles. She started working at a small charter school in East Los Angeles focused on special projects before coming to The Broad Residency to recruit future change-makers.

More about Hanifa

Who was your favorite teacher and why?

My elementary school teacher Ms. Bendgen, was my favorite teacher because she was the first one to not hold my shyness against me. She found creative ways to allow me to engage and participate, which increased my confidence as a student.

Why do you work at TBC, specifically?

The mission of the organization is why I chose to work at TBC – more specifically, my own trajectory and path to public education is very similar to that of our Residents. It makes recruiting and selecting candidates that much easier.

What others say about Hanifa:

“Hanifa has done an amazing job of creating the Asian-American Pacific Islander affinity group, not only putting in the effort and commitment to making it happen, but planning it in advance, soliciting input from across the floor, ensuring it is expansive and inclusive and leading with a collective vision.”

“From her work in developing a robust and meaningful first-generation summer associate experience, to building a great group of AAPI colleagues and allies, she always puts 110 percent and her full heart into the work.”

Articles by Hanifa

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