JaNeya Mitchell

Operations associate

JaNeya Mitchell understands first-hand the importance of our education system as a foundation for opportunity. As a student in Oakland, CA, JaNeya attended two different public schools in dramatically different neighborhoods. She became aware of the inequalities and realized that future success was dependent upon more than just good grades.

During her time at Occidental College, she sought out the opportunity to work closely with students in neighboring communities to provide guidance and support in their own journeys to college and beyond. After graduating with a degree in sociology, she gained experience in EdTech, supporting Age of Learning through various operations and human resources roles. Now as an operations associate for The Broad Academy, JaNeya plays an integral role on the team, ensuring that multiple aspects of the program run smoothly during and between sessions.

JaNeya is inspired by the dedication and commitment of the Academy fellows, which she says makes her work in education even more gratifying.

More about JaNeya

What activities were you involved in while you were in school? 

I loved school and participated in many activities throughout the years: chess club, student council, entrepreneurship club, peer tutoring, college prep group, cheerleading, yearbook, tour guide, and orientation team leader.

What advice would you give your younger self? 

Don’t be afraid to try new things!