Maria Razo

Associate Director

Maria is inspired to work in public education because of her own experience as an immigrant and first-generation college graduate. She knows first-hand the impact her education has had on her and her family and wants to make sure all kids have access to a path to a better life as she did. Working with The Broad Center allows her to make an impact on student success in communities across the country.

Maria Razo StudentAs associate director for The Broad Center’s Collaboration & Learning team, Maria works to ensure that all network members remain connected and continue to grow well after the program is complete. She works to develop and implement programs such as the Emerging Practices Exchange (EPEx), Forum and the creation of systems that support alumni advising.

Before joining The Broad Center, Maria worked in school operations for two Los Angeles high schools identified as low-performing, where students didn’t feel safe, much less supported. Maria and her teammates from Green Dot Public Schools were recognized for their work in turning these schools around, and achieved the highest academic increase in California for their work at Ánimo College Prep Academy at Jordan High School.

More about Maria

Why do you work at TBC, specifically?

The work at Locke High School and Jordan High School made me see the vast inequity between those with resources and those without for no other reason than what zip code they live in. My campuses struggled for basic resources. I needed to find another way to help those communities, a way to maximize the impact. TBC satisfied that need. 

What advice would you give your younger self?

The advice I would give to my younger self is stop second guessing yourself, don’t overthink things you have no control over and everything works out eventually. 

What others say about Maria:

“Maria embodies a collaborative spirit in every aspect of her work. She is one of the hardest working individuals I’ve met throughout my career and have been able to incorporate so many of Maria’s successful practices to my work. We are all very lucky to have such a passionate, committed and thoughtful person like her at TBC!”

“When Maria talks people listen. When she shares her stories, the authenticity rings true. Maria makes me glad we are who we are.”

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