Melody Moon

Operations associate

“It takes a village” is commonly referenced when talking about the complexities of K-12 education. For Melody Moon, she knows the expression all too well.

When her parents immigrated to the United States before Melody was born, they knew that education was the anchor to build capacity and facilitate growth in life. And they were determined to provide that for their children. Even though they were new to the country and the English language, they had a surprisingly good grasp on how to navigate the complicated public education system — thanks to support from the Korean-American community where they lived. Surrounded by others who not only spoke their language but had also gone through the same process of getting their children into the “right” school, they understood how institutions worked in the United States and imparted that wisdom to Melody’s parents. From there, her parents hustled to get her into an elementary school with high-achieving academic programs to put her on the “right” educational path.

Knowing the hard work it took to get to this point in her life, Melody values her education and knows her trajectory would have been vastly different if it weren’t for certain decisions.

Her love of learning was so strong that it was hard to let go once she graduated college — which may be why she has a soft spot for supporting alumni after they graduate.

Melody started her career in Bowdoin College’s Office of Alumni Relations after earning her undergraduate degree there in sociology and history. She returned to California to work with Alliance College-Ready Public Schools, where she was responsible for the organization’s postsecondary retention support program. Melody brings that experience and passion for helping alumni to her work with The Broad Center’s career services.

For Melody, alumni service creates a sense of community to support graduates as they navigate through life — reminiscent of the community that helped her growing up.

A self-proclaimed “proud, but critical, product of the California public education system,” Melody is excited to be a more active change agent at The Broad Center so all students can experience the same love of learning she had.

More About Melody

What activities were you involved in when you were in school?
In school, I was involved in swim, rugby, slam poetry, speech and debate. I was also an Arctic Museum tour guide and a K-8 tutor.

What are people often surprised to learn about you?
I think what surprises people the most is that my name is Melody, but I actually can’t read music! In my limited experience with musical instruments, I always find it easier to play from memory.

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