Rachael Shrout

Director, organizational impact and strategy

With more than a decade with The Broad Center, Rachael Shrout brings with a wealth of experience as deputy director of organizational impact and strategy. Most recently, Rachael led engagement strategies for TBC’s network of more than 500 school leaders. She currently explores how the Center can support partner school systems in new ways beyond supporting individual network members.

Rachael’s mother, a high school English teacher, inspired her to work in public education, leading her to choose TBC where she works with school systems across the country.

Rachel Shrout Student

At The Broad Center, Rachael has done everything from producing recruitment videos for The Broad Superintendents Academy to creating an online job board to leading a research and analysis project with school districts.

She has also worked as a grassroots campaign organizer and field recruiter in Boston.

The diehard St. Louis Cardinals fan earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Occidental College. She also volunteers as a member of the KIPP Los Angeles associates board.

More about Rachael

What are people often surprised to learn about you?

It’s surprising to people that I lived on a farm until I was four.

What is your superpower?

My superpower is watching people act silly when they think no one is watching.

What others say about Rachael:

“Rachael is the epitome of team player.”

“She’s always focused on how she can use her work to make others’ work better. Rockstar.”