Raven Woods

Director, recruitment and selection

As a young child, Raven Woods had a realization that access was not equal, but it wasn’t until college that she saw the significant gaps and disparities in educational access for historically underserved students.

When Raven stepped onto the campus of Sonoma State University as a first-generation college student, she couldn’t help but notice the varying levels of access between her pathway to college and the pathway of other classmates. The books that were required by some high schools were not required by her school. The classes that were offered at some high schools were not offered by her school. And additional resources that were available at some high schools were not available at her school. Ultimately, this glaring realization that access was not equal fueled her motivation to help narrow the disparities in educational access for underrepresented students.
School photo of young Raven Woods

Raven was a youth and family crisis counselor for teens on juvenile probation in Santa Rosa, California, and a human resources manager for Pilgrim School in Los Angeles.  Additionally, she worked for a program in Mumbai, India, that educated and empowered trafficked girls and daughters of trafficked women  by preparing them to become agents of social change in their communities and served as the Director of Recruitment and Retention at iMentor, where she recruited talented professionals, expanding the organizational impact to serve up to 20,000 students in big school districts across the country.

As director for The Broad Academy’s recruitment and selection team, Raven develops and executes recruitment and selection strategies that identify outstanding leaders to become Academy fellows. She is inspired by the team’s commitment to transforming urban education through each member’s unique skill set.

Raven also earned a certification for nonprofit professionals from Columbia Business School.

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What advice would you give your younger self?

The advice I would give my younger self would be, if you notice a kid feels isolated, it’s your job to make them feel included.

What is your superpower?

My superpower is being a woman.

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