Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson

Associate director, recruitment and selection

Sarah Thompson firmly believes that all kids have tremendous, out-of-this-world potential. She’s seen it in action, particularly when she worked in college access as an admissions officer for her alma mater, Pomona College. Still, she knows there is work to be done before every kid has the resources and support they need to realize that potential. It was this knowledge that compelled her to work in K-12 education, where she feels a greater impact can be made.

Photo of Sarah Thompson as a child

As a member of The Broad Residency’s recruitment and selection team, Sarah travels around the country in search of talented professionals who can apply their skills to tackle the challenges in public education. Focusing on the way things operate – the structures, the systems, the policies – she helps support individuals from a systems-level who can find solutions that will impact schools, classrooms and ultimately opportunities for kids. As schools are asked to do more with less, Sarah believes finding that talent at the systems-level is one way to ultimately funnel as many resources as possible into classrooms.


Sarah spends much of her time getting to know Residency candidates from all walks of life, working with them to see what organization might be a good fit for them. It’s something Sarah really enjoys about her job, as she feels that we can all learn a lot from those who are different from us.

More about Sarah

What are people often surprised to learn about you?

Unless they meet me in the fall, people are surprised to know that I’m a big NFL fan. Go Carolina Panthers! #KeepPounding

What do you like most about working at TBC?

What I like the most about TBC is being around genuinely passionate people who are so brilliant and so willing to push and support me in my work. There are also ample opportunities to see the effects of our work at many levels–during interview weekends, throughout sessions or alumni events, in school systems, and in individual schools.

What others say about Sarah:

“Sarah is thoughtful and empathetic – two important qualities that are needed when having authentic conversations around inclusivity and equitable practices within TBC.”

“I value Sarah’s perspective as both a thoughtful critic and a thoughtful partner.”

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