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2019 Alumni Awards

Congratulations to The Broad Center 2019 Alumni Award winners! The awards are given to recognize high impact work by alumni who are working to transform public education into an engine of excellence and equity. Winners are selected within 5 system-level priority areas below and were nominated by their peers and selected by the Alumni Advisory Board

Deliver High-Quality Learning Opportunities: Barbara Jenkins
Barbara Jenkins (The Broad Academy 2006) serves as superintendent of Orange County Public Schools in Florida. She was recognized for leading her district to improved academic outcomes in general, and in particular for her leadership to ensure that nearly 2,000 students arriving from Puerto Rico after the recent hurricanes were immediately welcomed with compassion into her district’s classrooms.

Attract, Develop and Retain Exceptional Talent: Hannah Dietsch
Hannah Dietsch (The Broad Residency 2008-2010) serves as assistant superintendent for workforce talent for the Louisiana Department of Education. She was recognized for leading policy efforts in Louisiana to transform the landscape for standards-aligned, practice-based teacher preparation and serves as a model for other state efforts.

Commit to a Culture of Inclusivity, Continuous Growth and Results: Pedro Martinez
Pedro Martinez (The Broad Academy 2009) serves as superintendent of San Antonio Independent School District in Texas. Under his leadership, the district is seeing improved graduation and college-going rates, as well as expanded access to rigor. Innovative schools have been developed and launched providing new models of education. At the same time, strong academic programs in existing schools have been expanded to provide high-quality choice for families.

Execute Strong Operations to Support Schools and Staff: Kyle Salyer
Kyle Salyer (The Broad Residency 2013-2015) serves as the chief of finance, real estate and human resources for KIPP LA Public Schools in California. He was recognized for instilling processes and systems for critical operational functions that have enabled KIPP LA to serve more students and continue to deliver strong results.

Empower and Engage Your Community: Andrea Castañeda 
Andrea Castañeda (The Broad Academy 2013-2014) serves as chief innovation officer for Tulsa Public Schools in Oklahoma. Bringing families closer to schools, bringing schools closer to kids and bringing kids closer to success have been the focus of Andrea Castañeda’s career. She was recognized for her leadership to reimagine the high school experience in Tulsa through a design process that includes students, teachers and school leaders working together to envision new models of teaching and learning.

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