Alumni Guest Series

Alumni Spotlight: Analiza Quiroz Wolf

This month’s spotlight features Analiza Quiroz Wolf (The Broad Residency 2014-2016), Chief Operating Officer at East Harlem Tutorial Program. 

Analiza is the COO of East Harlem Tutorial Program where she leads the central office which includes the talent, finance, development, data and Chief of Staff teams. Her team prides itself on being the foundation for schools, after school and summer programs, college access programs, and teaching residency.

What initiative are you currently working on? 
East Harlem Tutorial Program (EHTP) is a community-based and college-bound organization of schools, after-school programming, teaching residency, and college access programs. We are striving to become an anti-racist organization and have created a racial equity statement and 5-year strategic plan. One initiative I am working on is co-planning our high school opening this fall. We are intentionally designing it to be grounded in our anti-racist practices, Core Values and Guiding Principles. I have been able to visit schools around the country, talk with experts about how to develop schools promoting racial equity, and lead a process to gather feedback from our students, families, staff, community, and board. We are also engaging an architecture firm to design a new building to open in 2 years.

What is the most exciting potential outcome of this initiative?
Most exciting would be a high school that helps students develop positive identities, social consciousness, and strong written and oral communication skills. Our students would be engaged in project based learning where they partner with the community to understand issues and problem solve with their groups. Our students would present their projects at expos where the community is invited and would be evaluated using performance based assessments where social emotional skills are also measured. Our students would use restorative justice and be surrounded by culturally relevant teaching. Finally, our students would have strong relationships with each other and staff where they felt safe and cared for – where school feels like home.

What is your vision for the organization in the next five years?
EHTP will continue to grow in impact – hopefully achieving our goal of serving 25% of students in East Harlem and also our anti-racist goals. Our program will continue to grow to serve pre-K through college students. This also includes a teaching residency which provides a pipeline of anti-racist teachers to schools in East Harlem. I hope that we will be able to continue to build and share our work – especially with anti-racism – since we believe it is critical to what we do. If we are truly to support our community, who are majority people of color, we believe that it is important to face racism as the root of the inequity that many in our community inevitably face.

What inspires you to do this work? 
My kids, Scarlet and Bryson. I hope for a world that is more just, where your future is not dictated by your race or the color of your skin.

What is the last education-related book you read?
Glenn Singleton’s Courageous Conversations About Race. It was helpful to better understand why achievement inequality persists, how to develop anti-racist schools, and tools to engage in tough conversations.

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