Alumni Guest Series

Alumni Spotlight: Dominique Morris

This month’s spotlight features Dominique Morris (The Broad Residency 2011-2013), Director of Strategic Projects at The Broad Residency.

After multiple roles supporting school districts including the NYC Department of Education and San Jose Unified School District, Dominique chose to return to The Broad Residency, but this time as a part of the organization. Though she plans to return to a school system in the future, she felt strongly about the impact that the Residency had on her own professional journey and wanted to dedicate her efforts to paying it forward.

What initiative are you currently working on?

I currently lead a project focused on ensuring that The Broad Residency maintains its status as a degree granting program, specifically a master’s in education leadership. The program was first accredited in 2015 and is important in that a degree recognizes the hard work of all of the program’s residents while further demonstrating the program’s credibility in the education space. Every few years, the program must be re-accredited which includes extensive documentation and a site visit by the accreditation body. The effort begins 2 years in advance and requires the collaboration and focus of the entire organization.

What is the most exciting potential outcome of this initiative?

Re-accreditation can seem compliance focused, but it’s much more than that. It’s a powerful mechanism that enables us to step outside of our day to day to be accountable, reflect and be strategic about the future. The degree is the icing on the cake.

What is your vision for your organization in the next five years?

It’s critical that we never be too comfortable and rather, we continue to push our thinking and do the best we can by the leaders and students we serve.

What inspires you to do this work?

I chose a career in education because I truly believe that all students are entitled to a high-quality public education, no matter their background. Working with incredibly smart leaders who have the same commitment is inspiring and motivating. We are not moving the needle in education at the pace we want to, but I truly believe that if network members weren’t doing what we do, we’d be even further behind. We must be optimistic that the progress we are making, even if small and slow, is making a difference to the students we serve.

What is the last education-related book you read?

It isn’t exactly education-related but Becoming by Michelle Obama was extremely reinvigorating as a black professional, wife, mother and first-generation college student. I definitely stalled during the final chapter, not wanting it to end.

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