Diary of a busy bee

Sometimes you have to put your wings on and fly! That’s been the story of my life working with The Broad Residency for the last five and a half years, especially during Residency session.

At session, I am the point person behind the scenes taking care of logistics from booking flights and hotels to tracking homework assignments. I also have the privilege of kicking off the week by facilitating a check-in activity with the Residents where we are able to reconnect as a group to help them loosen up, settle in and prepare to focus.

Throughout the year, we coordinate a total of eight sessions so I’m constantly on the move from one session to the next. During long session days as Residents grapple with intense thought-provoking conversations about the challenges in our public education systems, if energy is low, I am the one who is called in for an energizer… sometimes making it up on the spot.

As Residents spend important time learning, sometimes the brain needs a little nonsense to keep it going. That’s where I come in! I believe it is my personal mission to bring comfort and humor. From teasing the Residents on their breaks, breaking into song during transitions from activity to activity or just cracking jokes during meals, I try to bring a little levity from the long session days.

As I bounce around making sure everything is in place and everyone is comfortable, I’ve also been known as the “Broad Mama” – taking care of any issues with rooming, food, and travel plus providing tissues to dab tears, band-aids to cover cuts, aspirins to help ease headaches and hugs, just because. And just like a Mama, I also have been known to give some stern reminders to stay on time!

Even before joining The Broad Residency team, I’ve always know that my favorite age group is 27-45 (give or take) — basically, the grown-up years! This is the time when most of society believes you should just suck it up and be an adult. But I feel that, just like the kids we want to serve, adults need some love and care, too.

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