Food for thought

Diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace is crucial to fostering a more innovative, creative and effective organization.

Here at The Broad Center, we not only believe in this philosophy, we try to lead by example – even with what’s on our lunch plate.

Over the years, our organization has supported smaller, community-based businesses and organizations in communities like those served by our network members and alumni. Now, if we’re catering for a meeting or retreat, we intentionally seek out local restaurants that serve healthy food in underserved communities or that have a social justice mission.

If an organization is doing something to help its community, is committed to service or trying to reduce its carbon footprint – that’s an organization we want to support!

Through this seemingly small effort, we are not only supporting a great organization doing great work – but we also expand our team’s knowledge about these socially-conscious organizations and what they stand for.

Check out a few of the most recent food vendors we’ve worked with:

Have you worked with other local community vendors in this way? Tweet us your recommendations at @BroadCenter.

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