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Grow, Empower and Engage: Redesigning Middle Schools in Miami-Dade County

Creating a positive learning environment is critical at every grade level. But it seems especially important during transitional years such as middle school, a time when students are physically and emotionally developing and changing as well.

Photo credit: Miami-Dade Schools, via Twitter @MDCPS

Acknowledging this, Miami-Dade County Public Schools has invested the last few years reimagining what the middle-school experience should be by analyzing student performance data, reviewing school climate surveys, researching best practices in other parts of the country and engaging with students directly about the supports they need to succeed at that level.

As Marie Izquierdo (The Broad Academy 2017-2018) describes in an op-ed, the initiative known as Middle School Redesign centers on three themes – grow, empower and engage – and launched this school year in 49 middle schools across the school district.

Featured in both English and Spanish, Marie talks about the path Miami-Dade has taken to re-focus on the social and emotional growth of middle school students. #MDCPSMSRedesign



Lauren Ramos-Mendoza is The Broad Center’s associate director of communications.

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