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Academy Fellows share their stories in a new blog series

With the belief that our K-12 school systems need extraordinary leadership to ensure that every school, every classroom and every student gets what they need to be successful, The Broad Academy (then known as The Broad Superintendents Academy) launched in 2002 with a group of 23 Fellows. Later this year, and scores of remarkable Academy alumni later, we will graduate our 15th cohort.

Since 2002, our program has undergone many, many changes — some big and others less so. But one thing that has never changed is our belief that our Fellows learn and grow the most when their cohorts are diverse, in every sense of the word.

Through the past 15 cohorts, our Fellows have come from households that struggled, backgrounds of privilege, immigrant families and high-need communities. They were career educators, nonprofit leaders, socially-conscious business professionals and public servants. Some were new to system leadership. Others joined the Academy as accomplished superintendents and chief executives.

And as diverse as their personal backgrounds have been, so too are their personal beliefs about the best ways to achieve true excellence and equity in public education. We think that’s important. The opportunity and ability to listen to and learn from those with different perspectives push us all to be better at what we do.

As we approach the completion of our 15th cohort and this important milestone, we are excited to share the stories of 15 Academy Fellows in a new series on our blog, Leadership Lessons. We are kicking off the series with profiles of three district superintendents:

Each month, through the end of the school year, we’ll release another three profiles from the Academy archives. These stories highlight the wide range of diversity among our alumni, with one common thread: a deep commitment to educational equity.


Posted February 28, 2018:

Posted March 30, 2018:

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