Alumni Guest Series

Reflections on The Broad Center Forum: Jeremy Chiappetta

After working so many crazy-long days and weeks, sacrificing time with your family, seeing every difficult decision challenged — sometimes you just need to recharge and reenergize yourself, especially as the challenges of improving public education being to weigh on your shoulders.

Year after year, I make the annual trek from Rhode Island to Los Angeles for The Broad Center Forum. Here, I know the connections, reflections and inspirations will fuel me to take on the challenges to come in the year ahead.

I spend two days traveling for one-and-a-half days because, candidly, I need time with you — my fellow Broad Center alumni — so that I can continue to learn from what you are doing and work to drive change for others.

I make this trip because the scholars and families I serve deserve better than what I am offering them right now. The Broad Center Forum is one of the key ways, every year, that I get inspired, expand my network and add to my toolbox.

(And they usually have pretty decent grub. Just sayin’.)

If you haven’t registered yet, do so now. I hope to see you in January!

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