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Reflections on The Broad Center Forum: Stacey Wang

Remember the time you were really struggling with the inequities that education presents to children and called one of your Broad friends to vent? I do. I remember making a lot of these calls during my Residency days. My peers were always really helpful, active listeners in those sessions. With The Broad Residency now over, I look forward to The Broad Forum as an opportunity to see my Residency cohort each year to talk about what we are each doing to achieve more equitable outcomes for all learners, and of course, to catch up on all the new life updates of weddings, babies, and more.

It is rare to find people who are in a similar place in life as you and who are also as committed as you are to change the future for kids. Once a year, I get to reunite with people at The Broad Forum where I get the chance to talk to someone in a similar role who is also trying to solve for the same challenges I face in my work in education. It is where I get to listen to what is happening in other school systems around the country and learn what other innovative solutions people are trying that are working so that I can bring those lessons learned to schools I work with each day.

We also have the amazing opportunity to socialize and network and meet new people who I can learn from. I remember one year going to the Forum and attending a session that discussed how police officers and educators in Denmark gathered together to address the radicalization of youth. That informative session taught me a new way to think about disrupting equity in the design of schools, and got me excited about the opportunity to partner with the broader community to create a new environment and expectations for kids.

I hope each of you are able to make this trip this January 2019! There is no better way to kick off a new year in education by getting inspired by all the great work happening around the country so that you are able to get re-motivated and re-committed to the great work ahead. The Broad Forum is a great time of the year to get some perspective from other Broad alumni, the speakers, panelists, and more. I always find myself leaving the Forum well rested, with pages of notes and ideas that I want to share with my team, and feeling like my cup is full from all the love I have received from my friends. I hope you have a similarly invigorating  experience and attend this year’s Forum!

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