Strengthening connections through The Broad Center Community

In any group or organization, people want to feel valued, connected, supported and a sense of community.

Building community takes time, dedication and commitment. Many of our network members across the nation know the challenges of working to build community in the school systems and cities where they live and work. But every day, they commit themselves to the educators, students and families they serve, and we follow in those footsteps as we work to serve our Residents, Academy Fellows and alumni throughout their careers.

Our goal on the Alumni and Network Impact team is to identify ways to help our network members develop as leaders and stay connected to one another, helping bridge divides of space and time as we provide that support. To help us better accomplish our goal, we built a new virtual platform for our network members: The Broad Center Community.

Through this online portal, our network members can:

  • learn about the range of supports our team provides to help them continue to grow as leaders long after they complete our programs;
  • connect with other Broad Center network members across the country to build relationships and learn from one another; and
  • register for upcoming events to carry on their learning in-person.

Over the last 15 years, The Broad Center’s network has grown to nearly 1,000 individuals across the country. As our network grows ever larger, and as we see how valuable the cohort experience has been for our network members, The Broad Center Community provides another avenue to strengthen connections — no matter how far away from each other their locations may be.

While we know there are both benefits and drawbacks of technology-enabled communities, this platform will allow us to do more collectively — and we will continue to enhance and expand the platform to help us do just that. In fact, we have plans to introduce several new features throughout the upcoming year.

We’re excited to have The Broad Center Community as another avenue of support for our network members as they continue to do great things for students around the country.


Tom Noble and Rob Kasher are on the Alumni and Network Impact team.

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