Building a community of practitioners

Long after the Broad Residency and Broad Academy programs end, our Alumni and Network Impact team helps former Residents and Fellows continue to grow and stay connected through networking and development opportunities. Through our Emerging Practices Exchange, also known as EPEx, alumni and their colleagues are able to collaborate with each other to candidly share their emerging strategies, spotlighting new practices, highlighting new overlaps and hopefully leading to new friends and partners in the work.

The most recent EPEx focused on community engagement and advocacy. Participants shared strategies to build, deepen, or continue community involvement, engagement and advocacy to ultimately increase educational equity in their school systems. The Broad Center’s Alumni and Network Impact team believes in developing a community of practitioners who can share, push, learn and inspire one another that will drive a better version of work forward for the benefit of students in all our systems.

Watch our video below to hear from EPEx participants reflect on their experiences:



Paulina Flores is a deputy director on the Alumni and Network Impact team.

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