The Broad Academy Experience

Over the last 15 years, The Broad Academy has helped hundreds of current and aspiring urban school system leaders develop their leadership and accelerate their impact on behalf of the students and families they serve.

With each cohort, we bring together a diverse group of exceptional leaders and create opportunities for them to learn from and be inspired by experts, veteran educators and each other’s knowledge and experiences about what is possible for students in our nation’s urban public schools as well as for their own leadership.

This past July, 12 outstanding leaders completed the rigorous program and graduated from The Broad Academy better prepared to lead systemic changes on behalf of their communities, champion an equity agenda for the children they serve, maintain leadership stability within their systems — all in an effort to drive dramatic gains for students.

Watch our video below to hear from a few of our recent Academy graduates as they reflect on their Broad Academy experience:


Hoa Truong, Archana Patel, Taryn Campbell, Raven Woods, Gisselle Ruiz, and Tandia Elijio are staff members on The Broad Academy team.

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