Why I love The Broad Residency session…

On July 24th, The Broad Residency welcomed a new cohort of nearly 70 Residents. For the next two years, these management professionals will develop their leadership while serving students and families within our public education systems across the nation. In addition to their full-time roles, Residents will attend quarterly sessions with their cohort and receive personalized leadership support. When Residents graduate from the program, they will have earned a master’s degree in education leadership.

What was it like to be at the start of this journey? Hear from our Broad Residency staff about why they love session – and remember, The Broad Residency starts accepting resume submission for our next cohort on August 15th!

Why I love The Broad Residency session…

  • “I love session because it’s the best way to connect with the larger Broad Residency community I have been a part of for almost seven years. I’m able to see alumni that I helped to recruit and select from previous years that are now supervisors of Residents, we have great alumni serving as adjunct faculty in our program, and I get to welcome the newest cohort of Residents to the family.” – Erin Keller
  • “I love the ability of our Residents to bring their whole selves in such authentic and vulnerable ways and the deep bond created within the cohort community.” – Eleisha Nelson-Reed
  • “I love session because I get to observe all the incredible relationships forging between Residents from across the country – and then, I get to watch them grow over the course of their Residency. It’s magical!” – Hanifa Farooq
  • “I love the nostalgia, the energy and the opportunity to learn and keep a pulse on what’s happening in the field.” – Dominique Morris
  • “I love session because I love making the Residents do silly things during our energizers.” – Tiana Franenberg
  • “I love seeing a group of bright, committed people come together by sharing practices, challenging beliefs (their own and others’), committing to their own learning, and supporting one another through all the dips and valleys that entails, ultimately coalescing around the shared goal of improving outcomes for all students.” – Brian Lin
  • “My favorite thing about session is watching the content come to life for Residents. I love it when people say things like, “I’ve never thought of it that way before,” and it is clear they are pushing each others’ thinking.” – Natalie Martin
  • “Like many of our Residents, I am also fairly new to public education. Each session I attend gives me and other Broad Center staff the opportunity to learn about the local context of education and initiatives in each city we visit.” –Lesley Moreno
  • “I love seeing the Residents in action. It’s one thing to say we have a great group of inquisitive, funny, diverse, kind, impactful leaders getting top-notch professional development and positively impacting the school systems where they work. It’s another thing to see, hear, and experience it all up close and be reminded that all of those nice adjectives are really true!” – Sarah Thompson
  • “I love session because it cultivates relationships and growth for Residents.” – Christian Bradley

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