Selection Process

The process for selecting Broad Residents is extremely rigorous and competitive. Those selected begin or continue working in roles that make meaningful, lasting impact on behalf of the communities they serve.

More than 3,000 early- to mid-career professionals applied to the program last year, and about 50 of them were selected for the 2019-2021 cohort.

Qualified candidates for The Broad Residency come from both inside and outside K-12 public education. Associate Residents enter the program already working in a qualifying job role in an urban public-school system and have fewer than three years of experience in that role. Matched Residents do not currently work in management in a school-operating organization. They go through a selection process that is similar to the process for Associate Residents, but they also must be hired into a qualifying job role by one of our partner organizations to join the program.

Each Broad Residency cohort blends a mix of Matched and Associate Residents. Once in the program, every Resident receives the same level of support, training and resources.