What Residents Do

Broad Residents add value to the organizations where they work, creating conditions that allow good teachers to do great work and students of all backgrounds to learn and thrive.

Your specific projects and assignments will vary. As with most jobs, you’ll spend the first few months getting to know the lay of the land and figuring out how you can improve existing systems. After that, you’ll immerse yourself in one or several projects focused on one area. 

Below are some examples of the functional areas in which Residents work, as well as Day in the Life Profiles of some Residents who have worked in those areas.

A headshot of Nolberto Delgadillo


Finance roles offer opportunities to create, implement and improve systems for budgeting and purchasing, identifying available resources and maximizing classroom support across the organization. View sample finance role summaries.

When he was in the Residency, Nolberto Delgadillo was a cluster business manager at Green Dot Public Schools, supporting operations and budgeting for a group of schools in Los Angeles. You can learn more about his experience here.

Dynasti Hunt


Strong learning environments for students start with strong working environments for staff members — classroom teachers, bus drivers, food service workers, central-office administrators and more. Residents working in talent help define and support recruitment, development and retention practices. View sample talent role summaries.

As senior director of human resources for Rocketship Education, Dynasti Hunt led key talent initiatives during her Residency. Learn about that work here.

Mahati leaning against wall


School systems involve complex, cross-functional work. Operations roles offer fast-paced responsibilities in a variety of areas like facilities and construction, transportation, technology, child nutrition and maintenance, ensuring that all campuses are strong environments for student learning. View sample operation role summaries.

Mahati Tonk is executive director of school operations in Miami-Dade County Public Schools Charter School Operations Office, where she oversees strategic initiatives to improve charter-school accountability and operations. Read more about a day in Mahati’s life.

Luis Rodriguez stands in front of a building.

Project management

Project managers serve in a variety of functional areas, helping achieve goals on time and on budget. Collaboration is key, working with everyone from senior system leaders and school-based staff to vendors and stakeholders to advance initiatives. View sample project management role summaries.

As special assistant to the senior associate commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Luis Rodriguez managed initiatives to support educator effectiveness and develop data systems to support instruction. Learn more about his work.

Stacey wang sits in a room


Equally important to keeping the trains running in a school system is developing and planning improvements for the future. Residents who serve on strategy teams help assess organizational needs, gather input from a variety of perspectives, develop workable solutions and design action plans. View sample strategy role summaries.

While she was a Broad Resident, Stacey Wang served as director of personalized learning for Oakland Unified School District. Learn more about her efforts to collaborate with school leaders, teachers, parents and students to support personalized learning strategies in the district’s schools.