The second-largest metropolitan area in the nation is home to more public charter schools than anywhere else in America. Several partner organizations in the Los Angeles region offer our Residents the opportunity to serve Southland families.

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The diverse set of school systems operating in Los Angeles provide our Residents with opportunities to learn and grow in a variety of settings. Broad Residents have worked at Green Dot Public Schools, Citizens of the World Charter Schools and Partnership for Los Angeles Schools — led by Broad Center alumni Cristina de Jesus, Kriste Dragon and Joan Sullivan, respectively — as well as Alliance College-Ready Public Schools and the city school districts in Long Beach and Los Angeles.

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As a Broad Resident, you will have a unique opportunity to make lasting impact on behalf of students, families and communities. This could be a pivotal next step in the development of a meaningful career. Check out an upcoming webinar and find out if the Residency is right for you.
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